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Mediterranean Basin Endemic Species
This cross collection pathway is addressed to families and aims to offer knowledge on different subjects: Mediterranean Basin Biodiversity and its importance as an “Biodiversity Hotspot”;Endemic species from Greece and Portugal; Economic relevance; Biodiversity conservation

Museum: Lisbon Natural History Museum

Urban Trees
The subject of the lecture is trees. Lecture is suitable for introducing a new subject and reviewing. Children are taught how to identify trees with the help of distinguishing characteristics, and more information about trees and their usage is given. Lecture consists of three parts: introductive part, fieldtrip to the park near the museum (Tornide väljak) and follow-up at school.

Museum: Estonian Natural History Museum

Regional Ecosystems
The environment around us integrates different ecosystems. Towns, villages, reservoirs, dams, manmade forests are examples of altered/artificial ecosystems, while a natural lake, a shrubland, a forest, a desert, a river, a coast or the sea are natural ecosystems

Museum: Natural History Museum of Crete

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